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Jos Crisis: Photos Of 2 Policemen Crying Is A More Reason Why The Perpetrators Shouldn’t Go Scot free

The crisis in Jos, Plateau State is gradually becoming an issue of National concern as over thirty (30) lifeless bodies were dumped at the Government House after gunmen attacked innocent people in their sleep in the early hours of Wednesday. The youths who were not happy with what happened stormed the hospital where the corpses were deposited and evacuated them into a van. They headed straight to Government House to dump the corpses there as a way of letting the Government know that it is not ‘audio’ killing.
Police Officers visited Government House today and on seeing the corpses displayed, some couldn’t hold back their tears as they were practically seen crying. This moved me to tears as this shows that they have a compassionate heart. At this point, I would want to call on Plateau State Government to quickly swing into action to quench the crisis so as to prevent it from escalating into a state of anarchy.
I see no reason why gunmen will attack over 30 people in their sleep and waste their lives knowing fully well that they were innocent snd never involved in any illegal dealings. Just as how some of the killers of Muslim travelers were arrested by the police, it will be a good news if the Police arrest those who killed over 30 people in their sleep on Wednesday morning.
The lives of every citizen in Nigeria is precious and should be protected at all cost. The idea of gunmen attacking people and killing them speaks volume of how insecure Nigeria is at the moment and this is the right time for President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene and call those who are involved in the act to order so that peace can reign in our country.

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