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Adeboye Laments Nigeria High Service Debt

The General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye on Sunday lamented the high rate of debt service in Nigeria.

Pastor Adeboye said he asked an expert what it costs to service Nigeria’s debt and was shocked that over 90% was spent to service debts.

Daddy G.O said this while preaching during a special prayer for Nigeria organised by the national headquarters of RCCG, Throne of Grace Parish in Ebute-Meta, Lago. Adeboye pointed finger at the nation’s economists as part of the challenges facing the country.

He however urged them to take a different path in the management of the nation’s economy.

In his words: “When God has a hand the affairs of a nation, He can turn the tide economically. If we have a problem in our nation now, it has to do with economists. Like I asked when I was asked to preach in Abuja, I asked those who understand the economic language that what do they mean by ‘how much do we need to service our debt?,’ they said that is the interest to pay and they said what we need to pay to keep the debt breathing is about 98% of our income, haaa, we have problems. And that we are still borrowing a little more, (he laughs).

Praying Nigeria will surmount current travails, emerge in victory, Pastor Adeboye said despite the challenges facing the nation, Nigeria will overcome its problems.

He said: “Whether you like it or not, one way or the other, Nigeria will survive. Very soon this country will be another testimony to the world, I believe Nigeria but just beginning, it is well with us.

“Have we problems in our nation, you have to be dead to be believe that we have none or blind. We have problems and quite a few. When you find yourself in a situation that you know you cannot fight the battle, then call on the Lord of Host. When God is involved, He will fight the battle in a manner that everybody will know that this can only be God.

“In the mighty name of Jesus, very soon, all the acts of terrorism, banditry, all kinds evil happening in our nation will end very soon”.

Speaking on the theme of the Thanksgiving service: ‘Divine Involvement’, the revered cleric said: “When God gets involved in the affair of a nation, that would put an end to terrorism. We all know our problems, the kidnappers are not just kidnapping people on the roads anymore, they are going into the houses of rulers, kidnapping traditional rulers. In Yoruba land for example that is sacrilegious to touch a ruler. When I was younger, if you see kabiyesi coming you move aside, you don’t even want his dress to touch you because there is so much power, aura of majesty around. So to go and kidnap a ruler? That is about to end”

“When God is involved in the matter of a nation, it’s to take the people from pandemic. When the Covid-19 pandemic broke, the World Health Organisation said Africans would be dying like chicken.

“Even one big man of God said before July, many people would be dying in Lagos State, that thousands of people would die.

“I cried to God for intervention because the elders have a proverb that says, the cow that had no tail, it is God who will help in chasing away the flies. We have no help but You help us. And He (God) spoke and said: “Son I have heard you. Only those whose time has come will die”.

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