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Snakes: You Can Ward Off These Reptiles

Not long after a snake bit a lady to death in the toilet, many people are now becoming watchful but not careful. Snakes are still finding their way into homes.

Snakes are reptiles that stay in the bush areas, but sometimes searching for food and conducive environment. Most stories have made us understand that a huge snake like cobra can hide from humans because they fear man.

They strike back and run for their life if they are being pressed on for a while. Snakes don’t have a home but wonder about looking for what to eat and a hiding place. You can innocently invite them without knowing. First, since they are always looking for a hiding place, the snake will come and live in your house if it is congested, especially when things are not arranged in order or if you have a lot of furniture and packing of waste items that you kept that are no longer useful.

The simple remedy here is to have a well-arranged home and waste every unuseful thing to reduce congestion.

Snakes also like a cool and wet place; those who like watering their flowers and gardens, most especially in the dry season, know well that you are inviting huge snakes.

Rodents are also very good food for snakes; try your best to control the rodent levels in your home to avoid snakes moving around in search of them. Don’t ask the question of how they will locate them. It’s possible because snakes smell their prey, and you will be shocked to meet one in your house.

Finally, if you are into poultry farming, try to gather chicken eggs because if you leave them scattered around the compound, snakes will come because they are very industrious while searching for food and can go to any length to get it.


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