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I’ll Be A Joy-Giver For Rest Of My Life, Burna Boy Vows

Grammy award-winning star, Burna Boy, has resolved to be a better human from 2022.

As a new year signifies new beginnings, most people come up with things they want to change as January rolls around.

If these resolutions stick, they could lead to an entirely new way of life.

Yet so many people let these goals falter, and within the first few weeks of the new year, these resolutions are relegated to the proverbial garbage heap.

But not Odogwu, as he has sworn to stay resolute in his decision not just in the new year but for the rest of his life.

According to Burna, many people are going through one struggle or the other thus, it is important to show care to people around you.

The “Twice as Tall” singer promised he will no longer cause anyone pain anymore but will spread joy to all he encounters.

He wrote: “That person you’re looking at right now. That stranger you’re sitting next to on the bus or anywhere.

“Even that person you laugh and joke with whenever you meet, they could be going the worst kind of hell and you will not know until they are gone.

“I know I have caused people pain in my past but I swear on everything. For my remaining days in this world, I will always mean it from the bottom of my heart when I ask ‘How are you doing?’ and I will always be the cause of joy to others no matter what.”

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