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Killings: You Have Few Months To End This Madness – Fani-Kayode Berates Buhari Govt

Former Minister of Aviation and member of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Femi Fani-Kayode, has stated that he will no longer remain silent because of politics and watch impunity persist in Nigeria.

In a flurry of tweets on Thursday night, Fani-Kayode stated that he owed the painful truth to Nigerians and government officials.

The former minister, who was a vocal critic of the present administration before joining the ruling party, was reacting to the recent atrocities in Benue and Plateau States.

He claimed that the Buhari administration has only a few months remaining to put an end to what he called “this craziness” and war crimes against humanity.

Before leaving office, the former PDP chieftain urged the government must find a means to end the genocide, unprecedented fear, and misery perpetrated against the people of the country by terrorists.

“Today we must set politics aside and speak the bitter truth. 100 murdered in cold blood in Plateau State and 25 butchered in Benue by terrorists. This is disgraceful, indefensible and unacceptable,” he tweeted.

The former minister wondered how much longer Nigerians can put up with the incessant bloodletting, kidnappings and maiming of innocent citizens while government only issues statements.

Fani-Kayode wondered how many more Nigerians will die before citizens cultivate a sense of national outrage.

“When will our people and Government say ‘enough is enough!’ Do we have any self-respect and pride?

“These are NIGERIANS that are being butchered!!! Our very own people and our very own compatriots!!! When will something be done to stop the wholesale carnage?

“We have endured the pain and shame in silence for far too long, hoping and praying that the authorities will rise up to the occasion and that things will change for the better. Sadly things appear to be getting worse.

“We cannot sit back and watch silently anymore as our compatriots are being cut short by a bunch of ruthless, vicious, evil and savage militias made up of primarily foreign barbarians and bloodthirsty bandits. The FG has an obligation before God and the Nigerian people to do far more.

“They have a few more months before their tenure comes to an end to put a stop to this madness. They have a few more months to stop the war crimes, the crimes against humanity, the genocide & the unprecedented terror and hardship that has been unleashed against the people of this country by these villainous and heartless enemies of humanity.

“They must empower our security and intelligence agencies, give them the green light and stop holding them back,” he said.

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